Critical Design


We started brainstorming on an album. We had to come up with a theme for the album. We came up with a couple of subjects with the class and we decided to vote for the main subject. We chose “Money” and “Existential crisis” as main subjects for our album.

After that we made some arrangements for making the album and handed out tasks for everyone. Some had to make the album art and others had to write the lyrics. My assignment was to make and produce music.

Jana (from group C) made a poem and recorded the vocals of it. My task was to create music to go with the recorded poem from Jana. I used GarageBand to create this.

The lyrics of "Half the memory"


We met twice this week
I bet that won‘t be enough you think
Being high above the sky
you are watching us try
While you are longing for more
we went to the dance floor
On the floor you found a memory
you want to share, you want to keep


You rip it in half
and share it with me
it won‘t be complete
until we meet


You ask me where I am
but I don‘t give a damn
You ask me for my part
but I already did a restart

You want us complete
and share another beat
I won‘t see you again,
but you are still asking when


You ripped it in half
and shared it with me
it won‘t be complete
until we meet


I love what you have done,
ripping a 100 dollar apart,
it‘s an important matter of fun,
to not let money in your heart


You ripped it in half
and shared it with me
it won‘t be complete
until we meet


“Something I would never expect to do at school”

Although one of my hobbies is making music, in any kind of way, I never actually produced music. So this assignment was the perfect way of trying that out! I was in the studio listening to the band performing. At that moment I realized I wanted to try something else than making music on my guitar and started working with Garageband.

I really liked how our class worked together on this assignment and especially the end result. Everyone had the chance to do and make whatever he/she wanted to. Visuals, lyrics and music were made with a lot of fun.

To wrap it up: It was a really unusual and unexpected but it was nevertheless an amazing assignment that I really liked working on it!



I made my manifesto about ‘motivation’. This is a subject that everyone is facing in their lives. Also this subject is a very common problem for students.


When I thought of problems that I was having, I was thinking about me as a media designer and the problems that media designers face sometimes. The biggest conclusion was that a client and a designer aren’t speaking the same language and that can cause some problems now and then. I translated those problems into a keynote presentation.

See keynote

Product concept

The solution to this problem is to make the designer of the future. This designer is an AI machine that makes it’s designs and products based on the clients needs. The client will talk to the AI machine with a conversation and than the AI machine generates a design that is the perfect fit for the client and still looks amazing.

During the presentation, I briefly explained the problem. After that I told my concept of the automatically generated website. I got some questions about how the website would turn out when the client was done with it. Also I got the feedback that the idea was clear and most classmates liked the concept.

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer..

.. and you want a website to attract new customers. Just talk to DIY and tell your name and what you do. DIY will ask questions and based on that it can make your website.